handmade in the USA

In an era when the US garment industry has largely moved offshore, our signature designs – the classic plaid jumpers, skirts and skorts we are known for – are still handmade by the artisans in our union factory in Portland, Oregon. Manufacturing locally has many benefits, from supporting the local economy to helping us control the quality and timely delivery of our garments.

tools of the trade

From a humble pair of scissors for cutting out patterns by hand, to the special baking process necessary to create a perfect pleat, the artisans at our factory utilize a wide variety of tools strange and familiar.

logos make it yours

Our logo capabilities are second to none. From traditional screen prints and embroidery to revolutionary Direct-to-Garment techniques, DENNIS has the tools to make sure your uniform program stands apart – at school and in your community.

the DENNIS guarantee

Whether hand-stitched in Portland or sourced from across the US and around the world, DENNIS garments are custom-dyed, woven, cut and sewn to meet our rigorous standards for durability and consistency. The DENNIS label guarantees that your uniform will look as sharp on the last day of school as it did on the first!